LAzucar! Cupcakes is a Los Angeles based cupcake empire, which began in 2019. Created by a true snack & late night munchie lover. We then began to create mash-up’s between sweet, moist and snacks, munchie foods. To create comfort food like cupcakes. LAzucar! has gained its name for its clever, smoothly sweet flavors that embodies Los Angeles famous flavors & snacks! Our goal now is to bring everyone’s comfort snacks/foods and everyones most enjoyable flavors to life one cupcake at a time.

Lazucar Lovers

Thumbs up! Cupcake is light, buttery,smells, taste great. Sundae Funday makes me feel like im 5 again.

Yummy! I can't get enough of them. so good!

Wow I am always dreaming of these cupcakes! Officialy they're #1 FAN.

They're so delicious. Best cupcakes I have ever ate. I highly recommend them!